kevin weidemann Saint Louis, Missouri

In addition to family, the daily running-a-business thing, Kevin makes time for this project, which hosts a multitude of other way-better artists exploring globally conscious themes while embracing the struggle and beauty of the human condition through writing, painting, photography, music and more.

Our cynical world culture rarely allows much space for thinking on our place in this cosmos, and even though it seems so abstract to the bulk of society, Kevin wanted to create a place where we “brought it home,” so to speak. If our global civilization could truly grasp just a taste of the vastness of our universe, our new mass perspective would change this world.

Kevin admits that change is indeed occurring, but he thinks it should go a lot faster, given everything we know about nature and the technologies we possess. Hopefully, this project can help the evolution.

By the way, he’s also Creative Director / Principal of ReserveDirect, a travel reservation company designed to make it easy and stress-free for families to book their trips to many great destinations.

Kevin lives in Saint Louis.

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