Swing Away Blue Mara

How do you tell your daughter that the world— as beautiful it is — is in the balance?

How do you tell her that people want to kill other people because they are oppressed, or possessed or just pissed?

How do I tell my daughter that the place she lives in can be both evil and good and everywhere in between?

People sacrifice their lives to destroy other humans. Our leaders sacrifice the masses for their own love of power.

How do I mutter that the beauty of life can also be pain and death and anguish? I mean, I know we all have to go through it— figure it out on our own, in some ways.

But the way she’s learning everyday, the world she lives in of peace and growth only gets ripped way by the realities of existence in society— work too hard to get what we should all have anyway. It sucks because she should live in the world that I see— the world that we can all have.


But the real trick is to teach her to strive for that world and make the best of the one she’s in, I guess. Give her the tools of creativity and curiosity, strength of character, breadth of understanding, concept of spirit and an appreciation of all life.

Perhaps that’s what this is for— perhaps this is a way to help guide her even though I’m lost sometimes myself. Until then, we’ll swing in the balance, moving back and forth through life. Before you know it, it’s tomorrow, it’s next year, just another morning.

This shouldn’t be depressing, though. It’s joyous—she’s joyous. She knows more about human discovery than most any adult on this blue speck does. I want her to keep that discovery a part of who she is, so I keep this video, and the thoughts flowing. And hopefully, someday, it’ll help.

Until then, swing away, Blue Mara.

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