Bar, Man by Kevin Weidemann on


bar, man

music by dino nicastro
words & photograph by kevin weidemann
I am beginning to know the cynic again.
I'm beginning to feel the weight.
A day, a year, and nothing is changing
except new kinds of hate.
A change that stays the same again,
a dream that's only dreamt (again).
People give up when they wake up,
and others just bow their heads.
I am beginning to feel the pain again,
it grows out of control.
When cancers are fears we can't quite face
without needles or doctors or dope.
Drugs on the tv, doesn’t mean a thing.
drugs are okay, sold by the King™?
Drown the pain again
it grows out of control.
I am beginning to think the world again,
a place with masters of fools
And ignorance sings a lullaby tune,
tv anchor swoons its moon.
They laugh and they jive,
with cues and the lies
It's hard work to read the lines.
(Especially at four a.m.)
So I am beginning to become that man again,
the one lost in the days.
It's be dammed or car jammed,
just find me a bar, man
there has to be a nother way.

bar, man

From the artist

A bit of a poem about drunkenness.

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