ted stahl Saint Louis, Missouri

Depending upon with whom you speak, one might describe Ted as a writer, a photographer, a technologist, a musician, a performance poet, or a digital artist. But Ted's closest friends and family would tell you that he draws on all of these interests to foster an ongoing dialogue with the world to better define our relationship to each other and offer meaning to our journey on Earth.

He believes that the greatest beauty lies within the most apparently mundane moment and that the spark of joy is something that never can be generated. Joy is a spontaneously wondrous gift that jumps out of each of us when things are perfectly aligned. By sharing those moments with others, he hopes to help them become attuned to how many opportunities surround us.

Through his art, Ted hopes to inspire others to find that joy in their own lives and draw both epic tales and magnificent anecdotes from their own existence. Most of all, he hopes to help others recognize that no moment is inconsequential. It only takes an instant to open someone's heart or connect to his/her mind. Through this sharing, our consciousness grows and we truly open vistas to each other.

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