dino nicastro Saint Louis, Missouri

Dino P. Nicastro hails from Saint Louis, Missouri. A self-professed “drummer” since the age of five, he began studying formally at nine at his local music store. As many 15-year-old boys did who wanted to be famous, he joined a rock band. This eye and heart opening experience gave him the confidence and passion to make music the path of his life.

He aspires to leave a mark like some of his musical heroes: Jim Keltner, Elvin Jones, John Bonham, and Ahmir ‘QuestLove’ Thompson, and countless other beatmasters. Creative, moody, explosive . . . Dino provides an organic feel for each tune he encounters. The groove, vibe, and feel are his top priorities as well as his strengths when approaching a tune.

After lengthy stints with original art rockers The Imps, and then genius songwriter, Drew Johnson, he finds himself working his musical craft as a composer. He has been busy writing music with focus on advertising and film mediums. In between family, a day job, and his creative endeavors, Dino has been providing valuable creative insight and perspective on the TerraSight project, offering a convergence of his experience and skill to make it possible.

Dino's Pieces on TerraSight