Our little project is currently live, but there are still updates being made. So, please keep that in mind while we continue to build this. If you see something you like or don't, please let us know.

Connecting art and music in a different way

Welcome to a little project of interconnected works from artists sharing their insights, reaching into themselves to connect to a larger, socially conscious worldview while embracing the struggle and beauty of the human condition in everyday life— from the success, fear and potential of all of us as Earth-bound citizens.

Find Your Own Way

This site is a portal for random and related discovery of music, images, words, and a host of other works. There’s no real order here. You can view the works by section or start with one piece and move from piece to piece through related concepts.

This is NOT an Ecommerce Website…

…but we do promote available products of the artists we believe in. So if you like something you see or hear, buy it from us and support this endeavor. In every possible case, we try to promote an artist’s work directly. But we also have affiliate accounts with major suppliers, to help promote the artwork while supporting this project.

You Can Contribute.

At the moment, were still building this website. But if you like what’s going on here, and you feel you have something to share that’s of the same voice, contact us.

In the meantime, if something here inspires you, please share it or let us know.