i ran into an old friend the other day

and as normal with nothing else to say

should i tell him that life is cruel and marriage is ok?
or that work sucks
and oh what should i say

should i say times are great and look at my feet
or that i’m having so much fun,
man isn’t that neat

i want so much more from life
and sitting    here    isn’t getting me any  m o r e…

it’s been so long and he seems the same
it’s just that i don’t remember his name

i recognize his voice and the shape of his face
i’d rather be anywhere than in this place

were we good friends or just what was it?
and aren’t we all just sick of this shit!

we chat and we banter about all the great lies
and other friends whom with we have lost ties

the moment seems awkward and with nothing else to do
i say “i’m great man, how are you?”

Old Friend by an old, long lost friend
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